-An Acoustic Duo-

-An Acoustic Duo-

-An Acoustic Duo--An Acoustic Duo-

New Woodford Way Album "Something In The Walls"

It's here! Our latest album "Something In The Walls" released January 2018 is available on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services. Digital and hard copies will also be available through CDBaby

We hope you enjoy it!

-Kyle & Jeff



Brand New CD "Something In The Walls" January 2018

The Scoop on the Woodford Boys


Woodford Way was officially founded by Kyle and Jeff in 2006. However the two have been learning to create music together since the 7th grade. They have musically developed side by side to this day. While at times joined by other accomplished musicians; Woodford Way has always primarily been a two-piece vocal and guitar group.

Aside from his achievements with Woodford Way, Jeff has produced and collaborated with various successful recording artists. He is currently a professor at Westfield State where he teaches Music Technology & Audio Engineering. Jeff is also Co-owner of Zing Studios in Westfield Massachusetts.

Kyle works in facilities at Amherst College while continuing to write and record music on the side. He is consistently dedicated to polishing the next batch of original music to be laid down in the studio. Fans describe his songwriting to be sincere, witty and without a doubt authentic.

If you haven't already heard their music, give it a listen to, you won’t be disappointed! Their style can be labeled folk/blues with a touch of soul.

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Woodford Way

Woodford Way

Woodford Way


The first Woodford Way Album ever recorded came out in the winter of 2006. Kyle and Jeff premier their first set of original acoustic songs after a five year collaboration in an eleven piece reggae band "kudzu" This album is a well balanced collection of songs filled with heartache and optimism. These beautiful arrangements start with a foundation of fingerpicking style acoustic guitar decorated with well thought out layers of electric guitar and violin. A bit less refined than their later albums as this is a very young Woodford Way.   

The Road

Woodford Way

Woodford Way


Their second album, released in the spring of 2010 came after a six month road trip adventure taken by Kyle. After living out of his truck traveling around the U.S. he returned home with a group of clever and inspiring songs that he could not wait to share. During the recording of this album Woodford Way joined forces with an old friend, Eric Arena, an engineer/producer working at Zing studios in Westfield Massachusetts. Eric's experience and input would help to define the Woodford Way sound for years to come.

There & Back

Something In The Walls

Something In The Walls


This one was quite the project. Released in 2013. Jeff and Kyle decided this collection of songs would be fun to embelish with a full band. Soon after sharing a primitive version of the song "Ground Crew" with their old bandmate and drummer Riley Godleski, it was transformed into something very compelling and original. This album was mainly a studio only project as Kyle and Jeff brought in several musicians to materialize it track by track. The amount these newly featured artists had to offer was monumental. The big sound of the band itself created new opportunities for Woodford Way to promote it's release at venues such as the Calvin Music Hall in Northampton, opening for acts like Martin Sexton, Barefoot Truth & The Saw Doctors. Definitely an important CD for any Woodford Way Collection.

Something In The Walls

Something In The Walls

Something In The Walls


Their latest Album, released January 2018, is an assortment of short witty and heartfelt songs. Back to the Woodford Way original instrumentation, a couple guys with their guitars, with the addition of Eric Arena's fairy dust harmonies and Hofner bass guitar track on "Winter Clock". All of these songs, with the exception of "Winter Clock", were recorded live in a friend's studio outside of Boston in two days. It was produced and mixed by Jeff and Eric at their newly acquired studio in Westfield Massachusetts. A fine addition to any music collection, these tunes are fun and easy to relate to, a nice perk to any morning over a cup a joe.

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